Crystal Viewing with ThetaHealing

December 18, 2018


Coal Space 619 N. Thornton Ave. Orlando, FL

Crystal Viewing

Modern Science has just begun to catch up with ancient spirituality and meditation, as quantum physics has demonstrated that all time is one. Science has proven that vibrational energies and magnetic fields are at play with all matter, living and inert. Things that were once arcane and mysterious have begun to make sense as science has made the universe both more understandable, and more unknowable all at once.

Ancient meditation techniques and theories about consciousness and self-awareness may now use the knowledge that science offers to more effectively search one’s self and the truths of the Universe alike.

Focus is the key to empowerment of all kinds, and focusing the mind to see more clearly is the key to spiritual empowerment. Crystal Viewing is a method that is used to focus the mind to do just that. It helps the mind to tune out all of the noise and concentrate its energies on the desired object of its attention.

Crystals are used in tandem to form a shaped magnetic field, a vortex, a “wormhole” from one reality into another. Laid around and on the practitioner in a specific pattern, this field is used to help coax the brainwaves into the Theta state. They are used to help the practitioner form a protective field and to help them hold the meditative Theta state for a longer period of time, perpetuating both the relaxation and the focus necessary for the desired journey.

Christina High, a friend of Vianna Stibal, using her knowledge of the Theta state, developed this technique to help Healers and seekers of knowledge to bend time in order to explore their past, present, and future more effectively. The extended relaxed meditative state that results from the Crystal Viewing is an effective tool to add to the Theta Healing modality, and for anyone who is exploring their personal potential higher consciousness. This can include communications with guardian angels, spirit guides, and even genetic/ancestral memory.

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