Trance Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds Group Channeling Session

May 23, 2019


Orlando, FL TBA

Pamela Marie Edmunds channeling Mother Mary – Thursday May 23rd we will be having a special non-recorded Soul Circle at Michelle’s private residence, only 8 seats are available at the cost of $20, contact Michelle if interested. Our guest will be Trance Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds from Sedona, Arizona. She will be facilitating a group channeling during which time Mother Mary will communicate through her to you. Experience her love, and healing energy as she answers questions of the participants who are present. Topics can include; spiritual growth, personal healing, soul healing, soul mates, emotional healing, ascension, karma, life purpose, past lives, meaning of life, and lots more.




Name Michelle Orwick Phone 4077291088 Email Category Soul Circle